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Poetry film

I've always been fascinated by the pictures that poetry creates in my mind, but I couldn't find the tools to express myself in the way I wanted. Back in the 2010's I tried making poetry videos with powerpoint, and faint shadows of these still remain on my YouTube site: Kathy Gee - WordStringPoetry.

In 2019 I joined a course run by Helen Dewbery and Chaucer Cameron at Elephant's Footprint, and my life changed. In poetry, people talk about 'finding your voice'. In discovering poetry film I have found my mind.

I believe that, in poetry film, images work best when they are metaphors for what the words are saying. The watcher/reader then experiences a fluid dialogue between the two which enriches the meaning. I’m really disappointed if I come to the end of a poetry film remembering the images but having totally forgotten what it was about.

In real life, ‘experience’ is a combination of all the senses, but when we tell someone else, we inevitably experience it in words. This is why, so far, I prefer to make creative films of my own work, occasionally collaborating with composers.



Eight short films 2014 - 23


Living Will

Absurdly Beautiful


(Shortlisted for the 2019 Cork / Ó Bhéal International Poetry Film Prize 2019)

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