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Things I never thought I'd ever do

I was pretty chuffed when I set up this website a year or so ago. Another technological challenge defeated. And over the past month I've had to learn how to use Skype and Zoom in order keep sane during the CV-19 pandemic. Impressive, eh? I'm booking virtual coffee breaks every day now and thoroughly enjoying myself. Emails and facebook are good, but phone calls are better, and best of all is video conferencing. But that's because I'm a sociable person and I like to see the whites of your eyes ...

And now, there's another mountain to climb. Blogging. My plan is to post once a week alternating between poems, photographs and .... a new and exciting venture ... 'Benches of Feckenham', gathered from my permitted daily walks around the village.

Or not.

It depends on how we get on!

Firstly, let me connect you to my 'sod the virus' poem :

See you next week!

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